Free Starter : 5 Days of HealtHy eating
To Balance Hormones
Inside of 5 days of healthy eating to reset your hormones you will find 5 breakfast, 5 lunch and 5 dinner recipes that have been designed and tried by me.

The aim of this recipe book is to give you a place to go for some quick ideas that you know you can trust are healthy and most importantly tasty + they also support your health goals.

Eating healthy, clean and balanced meals is one of the first steps to creating natural hormone balance, so please use these regularly.

Inside you will find extra dietary tips that I teach all of my clients to do as they are essential to follow when aiming to balance your hormones naturally.

  • Improve your energy and vitality
  • Eliminate the guesswork and know what to cook for every meal
  • Discover easy healthy foods that you enjoy eating


“For too long I had been burdened with ongoing tiredness and consequential sickness. I underwent a cleanse after which I felt more vibrant and healthy than I had in a long time!”  - Anna
"I did everything Hannah told me to do which has changed my life! My blood tests improved and I’m now in the normal range. My skin has improved and my energy levels have increased so much that I feel like I am bouncing! My health is so much better, I sleep well and am loving life!"  - Donna
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